I'm Nicholas Perez.

To create something that makes people wonder how they ever lived without it, is my goal.

a Full Stack Web Developer

a Software Engineer

a Software Developer

an Application Developer

an UI/UX Designer

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Welcome to my website!

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I am a software developer who is passionate about using technology to make people's lives easier. I specialize in front end web apps and websites, but don't let that pigeonhole me as only a web developer. My dream is that one day someone will show me a product raving about how useful it is to them and to be able to reply "I made that".

I am a person who wholeheartedly enjoys creating software, I love the idea that I can make something which simply did not exist and could not have existed without me. I have a knack for learning new techniques and have great pride in my work so I try to deliver the best that I can. I grew up in Miami where there was not much of a "Tech" scene, so I moved to San Francisco to hopefully be able to be a part of the creation of great software.

Recent Projects

Cerebra user interface image


Cerebra is a cloud-based SaaS that manages your organization's devices remotely.

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Pianoserver user interface image


Full integration of Pandora into your computer with notifications, shortcuts and a web interface.

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School For Advanced Studies Course Selecter user interface image

School For Advanced Studies Course Selecter

A web app to help students pick their courses in a fast and efficient way compared to the previously atrocious system of cross-referencing multiple documents.

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DressCodeRules - Hydra user interface image

DressCodeRules - Hydra

An internal tool for DressCodeRules.com to aggregate product feeds to then be inserted into the WordPress site in a consistent format.

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How Wide Is It? user interface image

How Wide Is It?

Did you know that monitors are measured diagonally? This tool lets you see the real width and height of them.

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LightSource SF Mounting Calculator user interface image

LightSource SF Mounting Calculator

This is an internal tool for LightSource SF, a printing company, to accurately price prints for their customers.

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